Hi from Waviator

We’re the first truly unique manufacturer of electric water sports equipment. Born in the beautiful heart of Upper-Franconia we’re designing our products with the end-user in mind. Our high-quality design and production approach is reflected in everything you’ll touch, rub, use and feel. We call it the Waviator wow effect!

Ready for your next adventure? Ready to seduce your customers with the best e-foil products on the market? Please look around and then do not hesitate to reach out, we’re there to help you – help you to provide the best experience and journey to your customers.

Excitement around the world

Waviator products are true head turners. For you and your customers. Looking to arrive like James Bond? Feel like Jason Bourne? And surf dressed business? Waviator allows you to live your life the way you want. No questions asked – no limits accepted.

Waviator electric watersports equipment germany efoil hydrofoil
Waviator e-foil in action: Bastian Raithel, CEO, live’s his products

World Class Manufacturing

The Waviator headquarters are located in Bayreuth. A small and quiet town in Northern Bavaria. The heart of the car manufacturing industry with leading automotive suppliers and hidden champions alike. You’re probably touching more than one product from this region every single day. Bastian Raithel, CEO and Founder of Waviator, has achieved world-wide recognition in this industry and is the lead product engineer, patent-holding, material science expert on a quest: building the best electric water sports equipment for everyday use.

Nothing less than this promise drives our design, engineering, production, quality management and customer service every single day.

Waviator electric watersports equipment engineering process
Waviator electric watersports equipment engineering process


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