Waviator electric watersports equipment germany efoil hydrofoil


Effortless Performance

Over the last years, the unique Waviator design has given water sportsmen confidence to start the longest voyages, to share adventures and fulfil dreams. We believe excellent design is a pre-requisite to building good water sports equipment. Quality is assured, driven by our commitment to learn and innovate from everything we do. Each Waviator product (e-foil, e-fin and more) is handcrafted to the highest standards from bow to stern. Safety is paramount; we know many of our owners rely on us to keep their family safe at sea in any conditions, so Waviator design has safety embedded at its very core.

Built With Care

Waviator products are the result of many years of hard work and commitment by exceptionally skilled master craftsmen and women. Hand-built and finished, every last detail is meticulously considered and tested to meet the demands of our owners – water sport enthusiasts who rely on Waviator to perform in the most challenging conditions the ocean can throw at them. As a result, our approach and attention to detail have earned Waviator the enviable reputation.

Our aim at Waviator is to design our products form the very beginning, so we can guarantee best quality to affordable production costs. Our engineering departement is located in Bayreuth germany where we develop our products and prototypes.

Built With Experience

Our large scale production is located in Asia where we cooperate with experienced and auddited partners in order to fullfill our quality standards. Therefor all ur products are tested on sight and contolled continuesly.